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Random Genre Generator

Our Random Genre Generator offers a ton of genres to explore, from the familiar to the unexpected. From writers to artists to filmmakers, find inspiration for your next creation!

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Who is the Random Genre Generator For?

The Random Genre Generator is for literally any creative person who is looking to explore different genres for their projects.


You can use this generator to challenge yourself to write a short story, poem or an entire novel within the generated genre.


You can use the generator to inspire your next project. Whether it's a short film, TV show or feature-length movie, the randomly generated genre could push you to explore new themes and storytelling techniques.

Visual Artists

The Random Genre Generator is perfect for artists looking to decide on the style or genre of their next artwork. This could lead to experimenting with different techniques and mediums to convey the essence of the generated genre.

Game Developers

Use this generator to decide on the genre of their next game. Whether it's a platformer, strategy game or role-playing game, the randomly generated genre can provide a starting point for game mechanics and story development.


Especially those who work or hope to work in the film industry. Use the generator to determine the genre of your next piece of music. This could lead you to explore genres you wouldn't typically consider, expanding your musical repertoire.