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5 Sketchbook Drawing Ideas

    a mixed media sketchbook laying flat on a desk filled with sketchbook drawing ideas

    It’s unrealistic to assume we’re going to have unlimited sketchbook drawing ideas all the time. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. WE’RE NOT ART MAKING ROBOTS. But if we want to have a consistent sketching habit, sometimes we need to push through the times we’re feeling less than inspired.

    Here are some ideas to kickstart your creativity:

    Stay in Your Comfort Zone

    A lot of times, we get it into our heads that we need to constantly push ourselves. But actually, one of the best things to do when we’ve hit art block is to stay in our comfort zone. When we draw things we’re comfortable with, we take pressure off, which gives us room to explore our style.

    Sketchbook Drawing Ideas With Limited Colors

    Using limited colors is exactly what it sounds like. Whether it’s one, two, or three colors, you use a limited number of colors in your drawing.

    This is one of my favorite sketchbook drawing ideas for a couple of reasons: 

    1. The benefits: Focusing on just a few colors allows you to learn how colors work together and understand color harmony. It also forces you to consider value and composition and pushes your creativity.
    2. Aesthetics: Limiting your color palette creates drawings that are just plain nice to look at.

     You can pick these colors at random or choose colors you know will work well together. It doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s a fun way to fill your sketchbook.

    Color Swatches

    While not technically a sketchbook drawing idea, I still love this one as a way to get your creativity going. First off, it helps you keep all your color experiments organized in one place, making it super handy when you’re trying to pick the right shades for your projects. Also, physically trying out colors in your sketchbook helps you get a feel for how they look and blend together, making you more confident in your artistic choices. 

    Thumbnails for Finished Projects

    Thumbnails are quick, small-scale sketches that allow you to explore different concepts, compositions and design elements quickly. Sketchbooks are a safe place where you should let yourself make mistakes. That’s why this is one of my favorite sketchbook drawing ideas. Since thumbnails give you the chance to experiment and take risks, you end up with stronger and more thought-out final projects.


    Doodling lets your mind wander, which can lead to unexpected ideas. It’s a form of visual brainstorming that helps you work through complex thoughts, building muscle memory and relieving stress. That’s why I love it so much as a sketchbook drawing idea.

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