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Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

    An illustrated purple and white graphic that reads romantic story prompts for valentine's day

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which makes it the perfect time to start writing all those mushy love stories everyone is craving. Today, I’m going to share a variety of Valentine’s Day writing prompts to help jump start your next romantic story.

    Valentine’s Day Story Starter Prompts

    These prompts are just like they sound. They’re meant to spark a bit of inspiration in order for you to start a new story. It doesn’t matter if you create all new characters for your story, write a fanfiction story or write a story within a universe you’ve already created. All that matters is that you sit down and write something.

    Here are a few Valentine’s Day themed story starters:

    • A hopeless romantic has to spend Valentine’s Day alone.
    • Your characters find an unsent love letter.
    • A group of people go to a haunted house on Valentine’s Day.
    • A meet cute at an arcade.
    • Your character experiences platonic love.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Don’t feel too restricted by these prompts. If your story starts taking a turn away from the prompt just go with it. The important thing is they get you writing.

    Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts: A Day in the Life

    These prompts are meant to get you thinking outside the box. They’re designed to make you think specifically about what a certain person might feel about Valentine’s Day. How does the day affect them? Do they celebrate it or ignore it? Write a short story following that person through Valentine’s Day.

    Here are a few different types of people you could write about:

    • Psychic
    • Divorce Lawyer
    • Matchmaker
    • Divorced parent
    • A bartender

    If these don’t seem too inspiring, try out the Random Person Generator for more ideas.

    ๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Try writing about an existing original character. Seeing how your character reacts to Valentine’s Day can uncover a ton of information about them.

    But make it romantic story prompts

    These prompts are again designed to get you to push your creativity and think outside the box. Take something that isn’t typically romantic and then make it romantic. I love these prompts because they’re so varied they can be about anything from popular culture references to basic everyday scenarios, objects or places. And some of them are harder than others and make you dig real deep to come up with something good.

    Here are a few examples

    An attic but make it romantic.
    An intervention but make it romantic.
    A bank robber but make them romantic.
    Moving day but make it romantic.
    A pie but make it romantic.

    If none of these are sparking any inspiration. Try the Random Scenario Generator. Just type in the names of a couple, generate a scenario and then add “but make it romantic”. 

    Other helpful generators:

    Object Generator
    Place Generator
    Person Generator

    ๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Some of these prompts are hard. Be patient with yourself when working with them.

    Get writing!

    Whether you’re writing a romantic comedy, romance novel or a fluffy fanfic, I hope these Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts have inspired you to write something.