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Free Printable: Prompt Brainstorming

    creative writing prompt worksheet

    Sometimes these prompts offer instant inspiration, other times you read one and feel nothing. This can be extra frustrating if you’ve set out to complete a 52 week challenge. That’s why I created this printable, to help you brainstorm ideas and plot a story in a structured way.

    **Disclaimer: You, by no means, have to use this printable when using my prompts. I’ve always said there are no rules to these prompts. Do what works best for you.** 

    How to use this printable

    When I first read a prompt and there’s no spark, I brainstorm plot ideas. Sometimes, I think of my existing characters who will work great with the prompt. Other times, I finish brainstorming and then pick characters.

    When brainstorming, I ask myself a series of questions. Here are a few that help get my creativity flowing:
    • What can go wrong?
    • What conflict can happen between the characters?
    • What conventional things can happen?
    • What are some unexpected things that can happen?
    • Do the characters involved want to be involved?

    This is what the whole first page of the printable is for. Depending on the specific prompt, some questions might not be relevant. After I have a bunch of ideas I look them over and pick the strongest one. Then, I move onto page two.

    I use page two a couple of different ways. The first way is by planning out the entire plot. Usually, once I come up with a major plot point, I can pretty much start outlining a story. So, I use the second page to make a quick outline. 

    Other times though, I’m still stuck, so I ask myself the same series of questions from before, using the main plot. Slowly, but surely, a story starts to form.


    I hope you find this printable and post helpful, if you have any other tips or tricks, please feel free to leave a comment.